Night Terrors and Day Dreams

I find myself lost in the big big world
Reaching for hands and desperate for straws
Beneath the cries for help
Stands a man sinking in the sand
I know where he's been
Know what he's done
If he had his way and his choice
He'd crawl the whole way back to you
Trying to find comfort in your zone
The lost fears spent in your home
He'd lay down at your feet crying tears of relief
But he's no Jesus and no martyr
It'd never work cause he's fire
And you've always been the wine
Tired and sick of starting over
With someone new, someone smarter
Exhausted from dragging his mind through the mud
Fishing his heart from the water
The string's worn through as it probably should
He got lost on the path to you
Standing before me, asking, "What shall I do?"
I've got no answer
I've got no plan
Just empty expectations
And half-hearted demands