The Bite-marked Heart Came Untucked

Where did they go?

The days? 
The weeks?
The months?
The years?

Before we let ourselves consume each other in a cesspool of fears and choices as tears streamed down our faces, our voices cracked under the screams we never heard a word of from the voices above pleading their cases for us to just listen, relax our stiffened backs, and move ahead with a dash of tact for our love pact. 

I told you, "I hope it's everything you want it to be," and I still hold true to that fact. 

I never thought I'd come to see the day when I would want to go back to that decrepit bridge where we fell apart and budge myself over the edge of the ledge where I left my insipid, sleeve-stained heart. 

I would throw myself a rope entwined by the hope you left me to choke down as I choked up on the noose while I pined, alone, locked in the tomb of your womb and my decimated, decaying mind. 

We could wind down this long road all over again and feign we had something to gain, but it'd still amount to nothing more than painstaking stake raising and flying false flag attacks atop the bags of mountains we carry around shouldered on our bowed, bent, and broken backs. 

I gave you a token of my love with the the gem of our birth but it was of something you never saw the worth when push came to shove. I wanted to give you that diamond ring more than anything in the world, but knew in my mind from the beginning we were cursed.

We saw the worst of the worst from the hearses to the churches, nurses and surgeons, funerals and weddings, until we sat on benches in juxtaposed trenches and stared out across the bedding we once shared before we were too scared to reach past the no-man's-land to find a worn and torn hand of a forlorn lover distraught under the taut cover of the slights and the fights and the blight that took their tolls until they consumed our souls, whole, and poured them out of the bottomless holes in our soles where our hearts once rested in the bone coffin chest beneath your breasts.