Thank You For The Ride

Whatever you can do is enough. Whatever you've gone through is enough. Wherever you came from, the fact you are here is enough. Wherever you are going is as good as any. Anywhere you are going is a good place to reach. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone else nor do you have to explain anything. The fact you are here is enough, because you don't have to be and that makes living worth enduring the pain of it all. Waking up each day and choosing to keep going takes more strength than any story or legend or myth could conjure. Nobody can ever tell you that they know best for you better than you.


Unless it's a nurse...always listen to the nurse and tell the truth when she asks, “What did you take!?”


So, keep pushing forward making it through another day knowing that you deserve it. You deserve it because you've worked hard your entire life to make it to today. And that...that is a feat of unimaginable possibility of all the people that have come before, here and beyond, and all those that may yet come. The fact you have the ability to read this has only picked up in the last few hundred years on such a massive, worldwide scale in thousands of thousands of thousands of years. Let's not even start on advancing electronic technology.

But that kind of focuses in on the larger point of why we wake up for another day everyday. Our lives tend to play out in a similar fashion the more we look back with wiser eyes. Like technology, as we go through slight variations on impossibly innumerable scales, our hindsight shows a logical progression of events leading to the current moment. Every iteration just teems with direction to the next as if planned by foresight rather than “second sight” and “amazing powers of observation.”

Everything that has lead you here today will always feel like a logical procession of events, situations, and decisions. This happens because our minds tend to repress the daunting tasks of monumental and monolithic decisions that have built the stairs to this place and the space in which we now stand. Or where we once stood. Mouth agape. Eyes wide. Unflinching as the veil obscures our futures. Intertwining every possibility.

This mural of our stories plays out every moment of every day, awake and asleep, tired and excited, fucking and fighting. It plays in little loops that circle inwards, always inwards. It feels like that movie where the kids decide to play in the town's water reservoir and one falls in as the water just circles and circles and circles slowly pulling us ever more inwards.


And some days you feel like Michael Phelps.


I see no difference between the two when it comes to you and me. We exist today because we have fought against the current of the cold cruel contest of Character, Choices, and Chances. I write this today because something you wrote or said inspired me to write. The lines I write that mean the most come from the people in my life that have changed it. I don't know a single person that didn't inspire me to either change how I viewed something or just met a new friend.

So, I thank you. I thank you for changing my life. I thank you for joining me on this wild ride of fly by the seat of our asses and hope for the best. I have no idea where we go from here...nobody really does anyways...but I couldn't imagine a better person on this ride than you.




Except Patrick.

Fuck that guy.

Neo-nazi prick.