October 6, 2016 11:27pm

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen,

and, for a moment, she loved only me.

I've never not loved her,

since before anything more than eye contact.

I never understood all-in love,

nor all-out cruelty till her.

I met my wildest dreams,

and endured my worst fears.

Air didn't exist when we first kissed,

now my chest barely stirs beneath the weight.

It's the weight of knowing and living,

dying and reincarnating in the choice.

The choice never changes,

no matter how much the situation may.

Every woman I have ever fallen for,

I have loved more than she'll ever know.

One I have thought of every day,

since I saw her between classes 12 years now past the bell.

We shared a night and a dance,

and never a kiss but I still love her.

It just never worked out like that,

for us love wasn't enough.

One cold, short night after a long, lonesome day,

I found out some fires burn too hot with another.

It flared with a raging intensity,

and died before the sun could catch it.

The first one that made my heart race hearing her name

came back to me and let me break her heart.

Unwelcomed advice neither good, true, nor useful,

justified short-sighted poor decisions.

The fairy tale,

that I've never told,

that started it all,

that broke my heart,

broke the mold,

broke the world.