July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

It's another 4am wake up call

You're not around and I know why

Reach a hand to the darkness

So the dark bites back

Empty daggers of ice piercing

Reach a hand to the darkness

Find the end of the Earth

The world truly is flat

It ends at the edge of your bed

Muscles tighten, strain, pull, release

Delicate dances of amorous entwines

There you'll find what you need.



I need to feel it

I got to feel it

I'll reach further

The dagger stabs deeper

Breathe faster

Search deeper

Feel the heart beat

Growing deafening

as the vision fades away again.


The answer is right below the surface

The next one's around the corner

In a millennia none of this shall matter

So just keep running and gunning youngling

It's for the greater good, son

It's the grander scheme of this game

But forever is a long fucking time

So, just tell me a story a short while

We can take a break from living hell

The only place our love'll ever know

Learned my lesson the hard way

Just like every other time before now

Seems like my own “choose your adventure”

Book-ended with a circular section.


You'll see

Can't you see?

You'll see.

Leaning my head

It goes right to her head

I should've listened

I never listened but heard

I had it coming.