Two Thousand Years of Chasing's Taken Its Toll

Life takes you peculiar places with very particular people; those people and places you've always heard call as your destiny. But people come to stand in your corner, picking up the pieces, wiping the dust away, and helping to create a picture you never could have imagined no matter how much you knew it existed. Friends have that ability, that foresight, that vision for you and ability to understand the mess on the ground simply as raw materials, not as a wreck of ruin and desolation.

They hand you a hardhat and proclaim, "Well, let's get to it! Where do you want to start? And when the time comes, I will help you take those first steps and hold your hand as you stumble. I will help you walk and talk and see and sing and hear and listen to all the things you once thought lost to time.

"And while I may not know where each piece of that stained glass window came from, every incarnation before stood just as pristine as the one standing before you now. But those shards of crystallized memories stand as a testament, a monolith of times when life stood so beautiful in the light as to paint the sky itself a new colour, as if no other colour in the world could compare."

And I knew this as truth: no other colour could ever compare to the first time I saw the light. Nor will I ever forget the darkness that touched my soul when Saturn eclipsed Venus and the moon eclipsed the sun.